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Wrasse on Shark Point, Catalina Island dive site - Courtesy of Carina Hall

Shark Point, Catalina Island dive site - Courtesy of Carina Hall

Sea Fan, Catalina Island dive site - Courtesy of Carina Hall

Scuba Diving in Catalina Island, California, USA

Reader Reviews:

Dive Site: Shark Point

Location: Near Farnsworth Bank, Catalina

Description: Reef / kelp forest

Depth: 15 metres (50 feet)

Visibility: 20 metres (65 feet)

Rating: ****

This dive is situated near Farnsworth Bank. We descended down the rock face where there were many urchins, red sea fans and purple hydrocoral. The viz was not as great because it was a bit windy the day we dived, but I imagine it could be excellent on a good day. We bounced over the rocks in the swells looking at urchins and lobsters. As we reached the kelp forest I saw a group of around 6 yellow tails on the outside. The sun shining through the dense kelp was beautiful and a school of 30-ish yellow striped snapper were hanging in the kelp. A reef named 'Shark - something' isn't always positive but here it was - a fast slick and sleek leopard shark went past us. The Californian leopard sharks are grey with black patches on them and very elegant. At the end of the dive we couldn't help but explore deep in the kelp forest as it was so inviting. The kelp here is very dense and it is not wise to ascend and surface right in the middle of it like we did! Rather funny when you realise they is no way of getting through it back to the boat on the surface, just had to descend again - oh well!

Carina Hall, PADI Divemaster

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