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Pemba Scuba Diving

Dive Site: Fundu Gap (South)

Location: Pemba, Tanzania

Description: Reef / wall / drift

Depth: 33 metres (108 feet)

Visibility: 10 - 15 metres (30 - 50 feet)

Rating: ***

We dived this site twice and it was a very different dive both times. The reef drops off steeply from about 10 metres down to the bottom of the channel at around 60m. Within the wall there are a number of caverns in which lots of fish gather. One of them has been nicknamed 'Carumba Cave' after a Spanish guy who always managed to find the cave and would come up from the dive going 'Aye Carumba!' because of all the fish.

The first time we did the dive we had to physically drag ourselves along the sand over the top of the reef because the current was so strong. Once over it we let up an SMB and 50m of line on the reel was pulled out by the current in seconds! It was an exhilarating dive, if a little hard work! The reef was very picturesque with an abundance of barrel sponges. One of the caverns we looked in had a napoleon wrasse in it and another larger cavern was teeming with large reef fish. The caverns gave a brief respite from the current! As we finished the dive the current dropped off a bit and we spent the last 10 minutes exploring the coral mounds that pepper the sandy plateau before the drop off where there were plenty of anemone fish, lionfish and sea cucumbers. On the second dive we missed the caverns we'd seen first time round but found another one with a 2m long Napoleon wrasse sleeping in it. There was very little current second time round so we had the opportunity to spend more time looking at the reef life.

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