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Clownfish at Ras Abu Soma, Red Sea dive site - Courtesy of Carina Hall

Flounder at Ras Abu Soma, Red Sea dive site - Courtesy of Rik Vercoe

Scuba Diving in Safaga, the Red Sea

Reader Reviews:

Dive Site: Ras Abu Soma

Location: Safaga

Description: Fringing reef

Depth: 200 - 300 metres (650 - 1000 feet)

Visibility: 3 - 30 metres (1 - 100 feet)

Rating: ****

Now Emperor Divers house reef, this can be reached by a long jetty of about 300m length however a golf cart takes you and your kit from the dive centre to the end of the jetty. Fantastic healthy hard corals here and a good chance to see everything the Red Sea has to offer at this site from large Red Sea suspects e.g. dolphins to Nemo and friends. There are also many cornetfish here. Emperor will let you dive this with or without a guide.

Ian Higgins, PADI Assistant Instructor

Ras Abu Soma is located near the southeast tip of a large outcrop area of coastline, known as Ras Abu Soma, off Soma Bay. There is a large lagoon in the reef top and this site is easily accessible from the shore, where in recent years a jetty has been constructed, as well as a dive vessel. Any current present will normally run from north to south although current isn't common here. The reef drops down to around 15m where there is a sandy slope littered with pristine hard coral formations - acropora table coral and large boulder coral abounds. Giant moray eels frequent the area and I have seen cuttlefish and octopus here on more than one occasion. The sandy slope continues down to around 25m before the wall drops away into the depths. As you head to the north the sandy slope becomes thinner until it eventually joins the main reef wall. Shortly before this happens down the wall at 35m is a small cave or overhang which goes a short distance into the coral reef. Heading back to the south you can finish your dive over the sand plateau where blue spotted rays and even the occasional eagle ray may pay you a visit. With clownfish ever present in their anemones and all the colourful marine life this site has to offer this is a very pleasant dive suitable for all levels of diver.

Rik Vercoe, BSAC Advanced Instructor

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