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Feather star on the Tangat Wreck, Philippines dive site
Valve inside the Tangat Wreck, Philippines dive site
Diver on the Tangat Wreck, Philippines dive site - courtesy of Martin & Tracy Frankcom
Ladder on the Tangat Wreck, Philippines dive site - courtesy of Martin & Tracy Frankcom
Shrimpfish on the Tangat Wreck, Philippines dive site - courtesy of Martin & Tracy Frankcom

Scuba Diving in Coron, Palawan, the Philippines

Dive Site: Tangat Wreck

Location: Coron, Palawan, Philippines (11°58'N; 120°03'E)

Description: 5,000 ton freighter

Length: 122 metres (400 feet)

Depth: 21 - 30 metres (69 - 98 feet)

Visibility: 5 - 15 metres (15 - 50 feet)

Rating: ***

The Tangat wreck has lots of large open holds that make easy penetration with pipework and valves to be spotted. The outside of the wreck is covered in coral and small fish and look out for lionfish and crocodilefish. There is also rumoured to be a seahorse on the stern, but we didn't see it. As we ascended up the line a shoal of about 30 batfish hung next to us. While decoing or doing safety stops the line provides plenty of interest as it is covered in tiny fish and shrimps.

Reader Reviews:

The jury is out on the name of this freighter - it could be any one of three - so it's named by the location. Sitting in 30 metres she is almost upright and 122 metres long. Penetration is easy via the wide open cargo holds and yet still extremely exciting. The bow is superb due to the enormous amount of fish life present including the ubiquitous anemonefish, yellow trevally, angels, crocodilefish, parrotfish, triggerfish, many different kinds of pufferfish and little social groups of the most friendly and inquisitive batfish I've ever met anywhere!

Beware the scorpionfish however - they are plentiful, decidedly spiny and incredibly hard to spot. A photographer's dream if you get the viz but there was a lot of suspended silt in the water throughout our time here - this is down to the prevalence of commercial pearl farms dotted about the islands. But don't get the wrong idea because it was actually no worse than that we had experienced due to rainwater run off at Truk during the summer of 2006.

Martin Frankcom, BSAC Advanced Instructor

I felt a strong emotion of sadness when I saw the wreck... am I the only who felt this? I am not sure.

Aiika | 02/04/2009

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