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Scuba Diving Norway, Europe

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Dive Site: Skarberget Wall

Location: Kabelvaag, Norway

Description: Wall dive

Depth: 30 metres + (100 feet)

Visibility: 15 metres (50 feet)

Rating: ****

We did this dive as a night dive (entering the water at 3pm!). Having spent the day swimming with killer whales just a few metres below us I was expecting this dive to be sedate and perhaps even dull, but this was not to be the case. The main boat M.S. Anna Bro dropped us as close to the sheer cliff face as she dared venture. These cliffs rise hundreds of metres straight out of the ocean and below the surface it was like flying along the north face of Everest. We descended down vertical rock fissures which stretched away to the limit of our torch beams. Certainly one of the most impressive walls I've dived and very different to the huge coral covered walls in Egypt, you really did feel more like a mountain climber than a diver.

As we past the 20 metre mark there was a huge overhang which stepped in under the tons of rock above. As we swam underneath there was a free-swimming jellyfish silhouetted against the dark water. Lots of patches of kelp and soft corals littered the rock face and several crabs and cod were disturbed by our presence. One crab stopped right on top of a starfish and took several nips before moving slowly on his way. Another overhang at 30m and then we began our ascent. It was exhilarating moving effortlessly up the rock wall, around outcrops and all manner of marine life. Breaking the surface we were met by the RIB. The Anna Bro, (having dropped us in 40 minutes earlier) was out of sight continuing her journey to Kabelvaag. One aboard the RIB we began an hour long race through the pitch black frigid waters before we intercepted the Anna Bro and continued our journey in the warm with a hot cup of coffee.

Rik Vercoe, BSAC Advanced Diver

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