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The Rozi, Malta dive site - courtesy of Maltaqua
Funnel on the Rozi, Malta dive site - courtesy of Viv Wilkins
Divers on the Rozi, Malta dive site - courtesy of Paul Beach
Bridge on the Rozi, Malta dive site - courtesy of Anna Wright
Bridge on the Rozi, Malta dive site - courtesy of Nicklas Westerlund
Fish on the Rozi, Malta dive site - courtesy of Lee Cooper
Barracuda on the Rozi, Malta dive site - courtesy of Paul Beach
Barracuda on the Rozi, Malta dive site - courtesy of Marco Vassallo

Scuba Diving in Malta, Europe

Dive Site: Rozi

Location: Cirkewwa

Description: Tug boat

Length: 40 metres (130 feet)

Depth: 25 metres (65 feet) to top deck, 36 metres to seabed under bow (118 feet)

Visibility: 25 - 30 metres (80 - 100 feet)

Rating: *****

The Rozi was purposefully sunk in 1991 for Captain Morgan's Underwater Safari Tours, intended as a submarine tourist attraction. It proved too expensive to run however, so it is now purely left for divers' enjoyment. And it really is an enjoyment to dive; it's well worth looking up from the sea bed towards the mast, to take in the huge number of wrasse, cardinal fish and others, and the beautifully clear, blue water. The wreck is intact, except for the engine, propellers and rudders which have been removed. Entry is from the shore, and the swim over is from the reef towards the wreck which is marked by a huge yellow buoy. Some penetration is possible through the now empty engine room and the wheel house. A thorough explore of the wreck can be done before you enter any decompression. The return swim to the reef acts as a slow ascent to off gas. The reef can be explored and there are a couple of swim throughs in the rock itself. A spectacular dive!

Reader Reviews:

A very enjoyable dive, we swam down the reef wall to the sandy bottom where we found a huge anchor in the sand around 8m in length. It was encrusted in marine life and fish were swimming around it. We then headed for the wreck, unfortunately the viz was not as great as it could have been.. but it was absolutely covered with fish. There are many scorpion fish camouflaged and hiding in it, be careful not to touch them.. or let your buddy disturb them while you are taking photos. You can appreciate this wreck in just one dive as it not very big. Again a nice easy, fun and relaxed dive! You can enjoy the reef on the way back if you need to decompress.

Carina Hall, PADI Divemaster

A good dive, even though I accidentally went into deco!! Dropping into the hold is well worth it, as is exploring the bridge. We swam back to the reef to off gas and we saw lots of bubbles emerging from the reef as another dive group explored the small cave in the reef. Quite a few fish were around the wreck.

Nick Simmons, BSAC Sports Diver

A lovely dive with great visibility, the first time I got to use my camera underwater! Lots of movie shots and I've been boring people to tears with them ever since. loads of fish, a great looking wreck. I went into the engine bay and the view straight up the mast to the sunlight was amazing. A good swim back and some cave exploring finished a great dive.

Paul Beach, PADI Advanced Diver

My best dive on Malta. Such an excellent dive with plenty of marine life as well. Loved every minute of it. We were fortunate to have the wreck to ourselves which was nice.

Christer Lindström, NAUI Advanced Scuba Diver

My PADI Advanced "Deep Dive". Wow, beautiful Rozi!! A dive to remember as we were the only two hanging around. With poor visibility and great sunlight she showed up like a ghost. Plenty of time to discover the wreck. On the way back there's also enough time to explore the reef, with some nice little caves. AA++ dive!!

Gerrit Barends, PADI Advanced Diver

We dived here in January 2006 and swam through an unbelievable amount of jellyfish to get to the site. We had very good visibility and saw scorpionfish on deck and loads of fish.

Anna Wright, PADI Advanced Open Water Diver

Fantastic dive, make sure to take a little bit of bread with you. The fish come from everywhere and you find yourself in the middle of a fish soup.

Lee Cooper, SAA Club Diver

I dived the site in May 2006, it was great. A few things to see - the battery on the port side bridge and also you can catch a glimpse of what looks like a barbecue grill. Overall a great dive and I enjoyed the site. Also close by (shore dives) are great reefs and of course the Madonna grotto, a statue that is placed in a hollow cave or grotto which is very serene.

Carl Vaz, PADI Advanced Open Water

I dived this site in 1998, day and night, a fantastic venue due to size and relatively shallow depth, finding it on a compass bearing I noticed that the anchor points the way. Made use of the loo while on board, its still there, you've got to!!!

Rik Elderton, BSAC Sports Diver

Really good dive, vis a bit cloudy, however when hovering at bow fed fish, loads of them. Finned away turning back to see a plethora of fish in a ball formation, wonderful sight.

Viv Wilkins

Best dive ever. Vis was excellent.. loads of saddled bream.. fed them actually. I've been on the Rozi 3 times and it's always been great. We came across barracudas twice. They are a common site. I reccomend the Rozi to anyone who is looking for a spectacular wreck dive.

Anna B, PADI Advanced OWD

This was one of my favourite dives in Malta. I'm not a very experienced or confident diver but I found this a really easy, fun dive. My instructor brought down a loaf of bread and the fish went crazy for it. They swarmed around us. I have never seen so many fish on a dive before. There's plenty to see on this dive and I highly recommend it!

Anne Brownlee

I did this dive 4 times this year, as I like it so much. Each time it just semed to get better. The way that the Rozi just appears in her entirity unlike larger wrecks, as you approach just blows me away every time. Try sitting on top of the wheelhouse feeding dog biscuits to the damselfish and you'll soon be unable to see due to the 'fish soup'. Look out for the resident moray and keep your eyes open as there are often barracuda in the open water nearby.

Andrew Richardson, AOWD

Dived the Rozi 3 times now. My last dive also included a couple of small tuna, a lot of groupers and a large moray eel. I love this wreck.

Claudio Carta, AOWD

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