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bow ladder on the Bianca C, Grenada dive site - Courtesy of Rik Vercoe

shoaling fish on the Bianca C, Grenada dive site - Courtesy of Rik Vercoe

shoaling fish around the mast of the Bianca C, Grenada dive site - Courtesy of Peter Ingham

shoaling fish around the mast of the Bianca C, Grenada dive site - Courtesy of Adrian Keene

Scuba Diving in Grenada Caribbean

Site: Bianca C

Location: Off Point Salines, St Georges

Description: Cruise ship

Length: 220 metres

Depth: 30 metres to deck, 52 metres to sea floor

Visibility: 20 metres

Rating: *****

The Bianca C sank in 1961 after catching fire following an explosion in the engine room, which killed two people. There was an attempt to tow it to shore that failed and it now lies in 52 metres of water on a sandy seabed next to Whibble Reef. The wreck is now quite broken up, but makes a fantastic dive; the central decking has rotted, exposing rib-like beams, in 1992 severe swells tore apart the rear third of the ship, and there is extensive damage to the smoke stack. The anchor lies on the seabed, the winches are visible and the forward mast is still upright and usually covered with fish. There is even a swimming pool at 43 metres on the way to the bow. The stern is very beautiful, and is often covered in fish life. There is a lot of whip coral, black tree corals and sponges on the wreckage and it lies next to a reef, which can be explored during decompression stops. Look out for eagle rays, jacks, barracuda and trumpet fish. Strong currents are possible and combined with the depth this makes it an advanced dive. At least two dives should be made on this wreck to fully appreciate it.

Reader Reviews:

This is a remarkable wreck that sits upright on the seabed fully entwined with nature providing a home to a whole new ecosystem. To fully appreciate this you have to do a number of dives as the wreck is so large. My favourite part of this dive is the Bow, descend to the bottom where underneath and undisturbed lives a Green Turtle who was at least 1.2m long. From the bottom you are able to appreciate the immense size of the ship and see the growth of Gorgonians, Sponges and Sea whips which encrust the wreck. As you ascend back up to the deck keep looking around because from the blue Eagle Rays may emerge. Watch their fascinating undulating swimming style as they slowly move around the mast. Sure to be here also are shoals of Barracuda and Trevally.

Fish life is very abundant on the Stern as well. Have a swim in the swimming pool as you explore the mid ship. There are a few open sections and rooms to enter and explore. Don't forget to scream 'Riiiicky' at your buddy during the dive!

Carina Hall, PADI Divemaster

Absolutely the best 3 dives I have ever done were on this wreck. Rays, barracuda, sharks and turtles all on one dive. Fanbloodytastic! Wish I could go back, but don't think I could afford La Source again!


I agree with all the other reviews, this is a great dive. The eagle rays are a highlight and the barracudas are huge. We did a negative entry from the dive boat and were told that we should land on the wreck in the swimming pool area, not only did we 'land' in that area but actually in the swimming pool. It is difficult to imagine just how big this ship is until you get there. Worth every effort to have as many dives as you can on her.

Peter Ingham, PADI Rescue Diver (DMT)

I made this dive in 1996 and I loved it. You could see the swimming pool and many parts of the boat were easily identifiable. The jellyfish were in the thousands on the way down. Deep and a drift dive, awesome. A great dive experience for whatever reason. Do it from a local dive vessel, less expensive and a knowledgeable group of people.

Cissy McComb | 2/11/2009

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