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Stingrays at Las Galletas, Tenerife dive site - courtesy of Anna Bohach
Turtle at Las Galletas, Tenerife dive site - courtesy of Anna Bohach
Stingray at Las Galletas, Tenerife dive site - courtesy of Anna Bohach
Stingray at Las Galletas, Tenerife dive site - courtesy of Anna Bohach
Turtle at Las Galletas, Tenerife dive site - courtesy of Dive Tenerife
Diver and turtle at Las Galletas, Tenerife dive site - courtesy of Scubayaci

Scuba Diving in Tenerife

Reader Reviews:

Dive Site: Stingray Bay / Los Chuchos

Location: Las Galletas

Description: Small fishing boat

Depth: 22 metres (72 feet)

Visibility: 40 metres (130 feet)

Rating: *****

My first ever warm water dive and I was absolutely astounded by the visibility and blue blue sea. I descended down a shot line to a little fishing boat wreck where at least 20 large stingrays were swimming around. Then a turtle came out of nowhere and swam around every diver obviously hunting for food as I imagine they feed here. Dolphins on the way back to shore. I'm totally hooked on warm water diving!

Carina Hall, PADI Divemaster

This is an excellent site for newly qualified divers as well as experienced ones. The rays will interact with you and the turtles can get too close - be careful where you put your fingers! The wreck also has morays.

John Green, BSAC Advanced Instructor

Absolutely cracking dive and one I always look forward to every time I go to Tenerife. Viz is always good but you never have enough air, it seems. Highly recommended!


This sounds a lot like the site that is known locally as 'Los Chuchos' accessed from Las Galletas harbour. Unfortunately if it is the same site then there has not been a turtle there for the last 12 months, just the rays. If anyone knows differently then please respond.

Jon Cadman, PADI Open Water

I suspect Jon is correct (See Sergio Hanquet Book, Diving in the Canaries, on Tenerife). Las Galletas Ray Feeding Station (or Chucos the Espaniol for Rays), but then again it could be known by different names depending on which dive centre you dive with. It is situated between Las Galletas (small village to the south west of Reina Sofia airport and on the Costa del Silencio) and Los Christanios. Depth of 22m is probably maximum and more like 17m, and certainly turtle(s) did frequent in the past, along with the plethora of common & eagle rays wafting around the small wreck. I remember a time someone decided to take a block of frozen sardines, the 4-stripes/damselfish just went barmy, as did the rays. Needless to say it attracted other marine life in the form of a large and very toothy dentex bream, so watch your fingers with this and the occasional morays in the wreck!

Tony Gilbert

Have dived this site five times from Las Galletas Harbour with an excellent dive centre, Tenerife Dive, based in Costa del Silencio. Seen the loggerhead turtle three times: November 2006 twice and March 2007. Each time there were some sting rays and often an Atlantic ray which was probably about 1.5m wide. Morays are allways sticking their heads from a holes in the small wreck. Great diving site, very good viz until the bottom is disturbed by the rays and divers.

Anna, AOW, London

An excellent dive site, great viz and an excellent site for new divers.

Andrew Morrison, PADI Open Water

10/10/2008: A must do dive if you're diving in this area both for newly qualified and experienced divers - one of my favourite dives in the area I've lost count of the number of times I dived it (as I did my divemaster here) but still it doesn't loose its appeal.

Lynne Hutchinson

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