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Outside Madonna Cave, Mallorca dive site

Diver entering Madonna Cave, Mallorca dive site - courtesy of Jim Thomson

Small red scorpionfish in Madonna Cave, Mallorca dive site
Sea urchin outside Madonna Cave, Mallorca dive site

Scuba Diving in Mallorca

Dive Site: Madonna Cave

Location: Cap de Llamp, Near Santa Ponsa, Mallorca

Description: Cave / wall

Depth: 0 - 18 metres (26 - 60 feet)

Visibility: 20 metres (65 feet)

Rating: ****

The Madonna Cave is on a promontory called Cap de Llamp, facing towards Santa Ponsa. The cliff disappears steeply down into the water and there is a very large cavern just below the surface, with an entrance that is about 20 metres wide. You should be able to spot it almost as soon as you put your head underwater. Start the dive by exploring the seabed at the cave mouth which is at around 25 metres deep. Once you have had a look around, leaving plenty of air to explore the cave with, head inside to take a look at the Madonna statue that has been placed in the bottom of the cave at about 18 metres. From here, swim to the very back of the cave to a gash in the rocks which a conger eel has apparently made its home (although it wasn't there for our dive) - you will need a torch for this bit!

Next make your way up to the roof of the cave to the back, looking out for any creatures that may be hidden on the cavern sides. If you turn to look back out to open sea, the cavern opening is lit up from outside, which looks very beautiful. Just before the ceiling of the cave you should notice the water has a hazy shimmer to it for about a metre where fresh and salt water mix. This is also accompanied by a rapid drop in temperature. Up in the freshwater, which plays havoc with your buoyancy, it will feel colder than the seawater if it is summer but warmer if its winter. There are two air pockets on the ceiling of the cave, where you surface head and shoulders above the water level. The first air pocket is spacious and easily accessible, but the second one is slightly trickier to get into due to the stalactites that have formed. Finally, end the dive by heading back out of the cave and up the cliff wall where there are damselfish and cardinalfish, sea urchins and possibly even jellyfish.

Reader Reviews:

I dived this site with M.A.D. Divers in July 2005. I was very impressed with the cave itself and also with the amount of life outside, especially the barracuda. I also did a few other dives around that part of the coast and can also recommend El Toro, Malgrats and Sa Mola.

Jim Thomson

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